Are you struggling with the stairs? Have you reached the stage where you sleep downstairs? How about popping up to the loo?

There are lots of questions that need an answer;

How much do you really about stair-lifts? What are the pros & cons? Just how expensive are they? How easy are they to fit? Where is the best place to go for information?

The purpose of this item is to help you on the first steps to answering these questions and many more besides.

The first, and most important, consideration is your condition. If you suffer from arthritis in your knees or hips you already know about pain. Sadly, this condition does not improve with time.

You may well be able to cope now but if you think back a year or so, has your mobility improved? It is not very likely and if you are less capable now than a year ago, this deterioration is most likely to continue.

The same applies if you suffer from COPD, asthma or emphysema. Only YOU, however, can determine just how difficult it is becoming to climb the stairs. Your safety is of great importance and the stairs are the last place that you would want to have a fall.

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We will tell you about;

TYPES OF STAIRs, COSTS, FITTING and the many FEATURES that are on offer.