This is not always the first item on the agenda of someone buying a wheelchair. However, the importance of seating cannot be overstressed.

Whatever the need, posture, safety and comfort are of immense significance to the overall well-being of the user. Healthcare professionals spend a great deal of time ensuring that their clients are seated correctly and the market for seating is as complex and crowded as that of the wheelchair itself. Major brands such as Sedeo, Jay and Kuschall offer a vast range of products to cater for every possible demand.

A perfect “neutral” seating position is very important for a wheelchair user. Indeed, poor seating can, depending on the client`s problems, lead to serious long term problems. Independent Living Newquay are aware of this and, as a result, take time and care ensuring that suitable, clinically correct seating is supplied at all times.

Correct positioning in a wheelchair includes not only a cushion but also backs, armrests and, often, even headrests. There is no need to be alarmed by this, as the ingenuity of healthcare professionals world-wide and the use of modern technology caters for everyone whether the client`s requirements are for just a few hours or of a permanent nature.

Here at Independent Living Newquay we have the expertise to find the correct solution for any challenge. We see it as our job to find the right answer, whatever the question. We supply most of the major makes of seating solutions and an expert to ensure that the correct resolution is found.

For more information on seating and positioning just pop in and ask for Tim Peacock or give us a ring on 01637 498015.