A lack of mobility can lead to some particular challenges in the bathroom. Here are our top ten tips to keep you out of danger whilst in the bathroom.

  1. Our first tip is to think SAFETY. Bathrooms and toilets are often small and crowded. It is easy to slip or bump into something which can, in turn, lead to nasty accidents.
  2. Remove loose rugs or carpets. These can trip you up and even a minor tumble can cause serious problems.
  3. Keep the floor around the bathroom nice and dry. This will prevent you slipping.
  4. Use a non-slip mat by your bath to give firm footing.
  5. Install grab handles in strategic places to keep you safe and secure when using the toilet or hand basin.
  6. Make sure that the lighting is bright. If you can see everything clearly, there is much less chance of a mishap.
  7. If possible use mixer taps. These allow you to find the right temperature for washing and showering. You do not want to experience very hot or cold water as this could lead to slipping or falling.
  8. Buy a suitable perch stool / seat. If necessary you can use this whilst at the hand basin or to keep safe whilst drying after a bath or shower.
  9. You have problems getting in or out of the bath, consider a bath-lift. One of these can take you down and back up again with no effort, which takes all of the stress away. There is, these days, lots of choice on offer. Find a local supplier that you can trust and he will be able to recommend a product that is suitable for both your bathroom and you.
  10. If you have similar problems with the toilet, then there are options available to help. A raised toilet seat is one simple solution or perhaps a support frame could be the answer.

Maintaining your independence is very important. It helps your frame of mind and overall well – being. We hope that this has been helpful.

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