Are you thinking of buying a mobility scooter? Here are a few tips that will help you to select the most suitable product for your needs. There is a huge choice of scooters these days and finding the right product at the right price can be a challenge. As a business with a lot of experience supplying these vehicles, we have 10 useful tips to help you make the RIGHT choice

  1. Find a supplier that you can trust. You may well need some extra help and guidance after you have bought your scooter so a local company is more likely to be able to assist in an hour of need.
  2. Ask friends and other scooter users for their advice. Most people with scooters will be only too pleased to share their experiences with you, both good and bad!
  3. Think about safety. There are many safety factors to consider that you might not think of, which is why finding a good supplier is so important.
  4. Consider your own mobility issues. Make sure that the scooter “fits the bill”. If, for example, you have arthritic or stiff fingers check that the controls are easy to use. If your legs are not very flexible check that you have enough room to be comfortable on long journeys.
  5. Consider all of the places that you wish to travel and make sure that the company you buy from gives you a test drive to these places.
  6. If you need to put the scooter in a car, make sure that it is light enough for you or your carer to lift it. Test this out before you buy!
  7. Understand how far the scooter will travel on a charge. Remember that manufacturers tend to quote distances in ideal “factory” conditions. Hills and even heavy shopping bags can affect the range of a charge.
  8. Check service and repair arrangements before you buy. Reputable companies will even offer service and repair contracts to give you long term peace of mind.
  9. Think of where the scooter will be stored. A diligent supplier will check this out for you before you buy. It is important that you can get on and off safely.
  10. Make sure that you have good access to an electrical outlet for charging. Ideally, you do not want to be bending down and stretching just to “plug in.”

Last, but not least – the price! A scooter is a very important piece of equipment and it will keep you mobile and independent.

While it is important to strike a good deal, remember that you should make sure that your supplier can (and will) give you some good “old fashioned service” long after you spend your money with him.